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eGM Reception

No more missed leads

  • Capture every Phone and Walk In to engage each lead with the sales team
  • Record all showroom traffic whether the customer is browsing or buying to ensure maximum lead capture
  • Provide your receptionist or concierge with complete visibility of all showroom activity and appointments
  • Available on any tablet device for mobility
All of your important customer information in one place
  • Integrate leads from all online sources
  • Manage all of your follow-ups, activities and appointments
  • Manage the entire sales process in one platform
  • Complete transparency of showroom activity in real-time
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Applications
Comprehensive reporting suite allowing for easy showroom management providing Dealers and OEM’s to make educated decisions based on data
  • Monitor and report on sales performance, KPIs and key metrics in real time across any device
  • Assign leads across the sales team and ensure timely responses
  • Identify training requirements with simple to understand reporting
  • Sales target and KPI driven dashboard
  • Lost sales analysis
  • Marketing & ROI reporting
  • OEM Reporting – Compare selected Dealers by State, Zone or Nationally
Save time and eliminate paperwork to provide a Digital Experience for Test Drive Management
  • Report on – Duration, Distance, Route and Accompanied vs Unaccompanied Test Drives
  • How do these relate to sales conversation?
  • No seperate system required
  • Easy identification for who was responsible for which vehicle at any time
  • Easy allocation of Infringements/Tolls
  • Vehicle inventory integration
A powerful tool for Groups and OEMs to compare and manage their Dealerships with real time data

Drill down by:

  • Dealership
  • State
  • Custom Region
  • Multiple Dealer Selection
  • Brand
  • Total Network
  • Employee
e-GoodManners automation tool allows you to ensure your customers are receiving the right message at the right time
  • Create beautifully designed templates
  • Easy compliance with OEM corporate identity
  • Merge field driven templates for Email and SMS providing seamlessly personalised communication
  • Send brand content to engage your clients
  • Complete visibility of all client communication